Kieron Barry Melvin Brannon Ed Davila Nancy Delucrezia Sergei Domrachev Marina Domracheva DanFlowers Michelle Foster Joseph Fuqua Jon Gans Luther Gerlach Nick Goodenough Scott Gordon ColinGray Vonder Gray Vonder Gray Karen Harris Ray Harris Catlin Harvey Daniel Huber Diane Ippel Pete Ippel

Kieron Barry’s fifteen plays include Stockwell, described last year by The Times as more gripping than anything else to be seen in the London theatre, and Numbers, which has been produced four times in London and twice in New York.

Melvin Brannon Jr. {aka} MCat Spoony has been a major force in the entertainment industry for the last 30 years. The passion he has for his craft has taken him around the globe performing with and supporting many amazing artists. His current works represent all of his musical influences over the last three decades.

Ed Davila is a video producer, director, editor and web programmer who seeks to understand the world around him by following a wide spectrum of interests that include art, politics, business and metaphysical studies.

Nancy De Lucrezia is a photographer, watercolor painter, designer and business consultant. In 1993 she founded Kali Institute for Massage and Somatic Therapies where she teaches business and personal development, clinical neuromuscuoskeletal rehabilitation and somatoemotioanl release therapies.

Russian born Sergei Domrachev graduated from the Perm Ballet Academy. A bronze medalist in the Vaganova Competition and theInternathiol Arabesque '92 Competition, he earned the Audience Favorite Award. He soloed with Moscow and LA Classical Ballets and has toured internationally. He now performs with State Street Ballet and VCBC.

Marina Domracheva was born in Russia, graduated from the Perm State Ballet Academy. Ms. Fliagina has performed with the Tchaikovsky Ballet, the Moscow Kremlin Ballet and toured internationally. She is Ballet Mistress of State Street Ballet, teaches at Ballet Academy Ventura, and is VCBC’s Associate Artistic Director/Choreographer.

Dan Flowers... painter of music... musician of paint...a native Californian, still walking the line of art and music since early childhood. Once concerned with commercial art, and dance bands, he now focuses on fine art and personal expression in original music... exclusively.

Michele Foster works with clay, mosaics, airbrush, acrylics, and mixed media. She uses art to aid in community building and as a healing tool. As director of ARTesia, a nonprofit organization, she acts as an activist by supporting survivors of domestic violence, helping them find their voices through art.

Joseph Fuqua is a company member of Ventura's Rubicon Theatre and has been a professional actor and in the Actor's Unions for 25 years. He is a graduate of The Yale School of Drama and is honored to be a resident of TheWÃV. He teaches and directs Shakespeare with The Rubicon and is grateful to have a fine City to reside in, a Theatre to flourish in and now a home in which to feel safe.

Jon Gans. Growing up at the beach in Sydney, Australia I have always been drawn to the ocean. After meeting my artist wife and spending time in far Northern California, I discovered the joy of working with wood, and revealing its natural beauty became my main focus.

Luther Gerlach’s photography combines contemporary imagery with mid-19th century wet plate photographic processes. His richly provocative compositions are reminiscent of the pictorial photographers of the 1890’s through1920’s. Using vintage large format cameras and lenses he offers a glimpse of an alluring world combining past and present.

Nicholas Goodenough is an inventor, illustrator, web developer, and journalist. He has produced projects ranging from public sculpture, stone lithography, web applications, to documenting the extermination of invasive mammals. He was awarded National Photographer of the Year from the AAN in 2005 and holds a journalism degree from Brooks Institute.

Scott Gordon is a visual artist whose multi-layered mixed media paintings explore the relationship between fragmentation and wholeness, chance and order and fiction and fact. His work is included in numerous public and private collections worldwide. He is represented by galleries in both California and Texas. He spends his spare time coaxing oceans of sound from his computer.

Originally a native of England, Colin Fraser Gray has lived and worked in the United States since 1981. A visual artist and teacher, he has shown his two and three-dimensional work in a wide variety of venues in the U.S.A. and abroad.

Vonder Gray is an artist, actor and writer. Vonder's bold, colorful paintings are in collections all over the world. She has performed (film and theater) in New York and Southern California. Vonder is thrilled to be a part of this beautiful WAV!

Shelly Gould Fine Art, portraits, faux finish, murals and public art. Shelly's Passion is Fine Art where she explores human behavior. “Odd really, quite odd and non-sensical” through mixed media, and oil.

Karen Eloise Lawson Harris grew up in New York. She worked as a fashion stylist for ten years after graduating from Art Center College of Design. Today, photography and knitting are the mediums for her creative endeavors.

Raymond Allan Harris graduated from Art Center College of Design. He worked in the film industry for over twenty years. He designs paintings, storyboards, ceramics, wood block prints, caricatures, and cartoons. He is proud to be a member of Working Artists Ventura.

Catlin Harvey. My work is about reinvention - changing the ordinary into the remarkable. Transforming raw materials, found objects and nature's keepsakes into Art is my passion. I delight in creating visually beautiful jewelry and sculpture which resonate deeply with the viewer.

German artist Daniel Huber has worked as a photographer and media designer in Europe and in the United States for over 15 years. His body of work includes photojournalism, landscapes, panoramas and abstract images that evoke emotions and a reexamination of perspective.

Diane Ippel, BSEd. Art, Illinois State University, performs traditional and original music using hammered dulcimer, autoharp, guitar and voice. Photography, beaded gemstone jewelry and stained glass are her visual media. Her artistic and musical work is visually and tonally colorful, creating complex patterns from simple elements.

Pete Ippel is an artist whose projects are conceptual in nature and span a variety of media from the traditional to the cutting edge. Whether creating performance, video, or installation, Ippel employs an iterative process honed from experience in research, athletics, and technology to present complex ideas in compelling ways.

Bill Jeralds MarcelinoJimenez Sarah Kalvin Anna Karakalos Paul Lindhard Jessica Lindley Davey Miller Ricardo Miranda Mark Mollgaard Michelle Nosco Jillian Nye Erin O'Brien David Oliver Sarah Roberts StPierre Panos Skourtis Qadriyyah Shamsid-Deen Frances Spencer Larissa Strauss Michael Tine Sarah Willey Jacqueline Woods

Bill Jeralds. While recovering from the effects of a near fatal illness, Bill began creating Angels. With no prior experience or recognized artistic talent, he was suddenly able to create visually stunning wooden Angels from rudimentary images drawn on plywood planks.

Marcelino Jimenez. Using mixed media assemblage techniques, he transforms discarded materials and found objects into three-dimensional art thematically rich with religion and spirituality. Since 1998 his art has been featured in galleries and other venues in the Santa Barbara area, and numerous private collections.

Sarah Kalvin is known for her painterly Ventura landscapes known as “Unforgettables - California”. She is also a web and graphic designer.

Anna Karakalos a visual artist and singer-songwriter, is nothing if not eclectic. Recently relocating her band, We Govern We, from Greece, her work tends toward the deep, dark and magical with a whimsical undercurrent.

Paul Lindhard - Sculptor. Making art is my chosen way of life. Public art and private commissions afford me time to do my personal work. I also facilitate, support and create opportunities for art, artists and the community to come together like being involved in bringing the WAV to Ventura.

Jessica Lindley is a photographic artist. She loves combining medium format photographs of Architecture that has been altered over time with acrylic paint and 2 or 3D assemblage materials. Her art reflects the appreciation she holds for design, saturated color and collage.

Davey Miller is a painter whose large, colorful depictions of the ocean’s waves can be seen at numerous area galleries. He is also a well know jazz musician who has played with numerous band members of the greats including Chick Corea, Miles Davis and Stan Getz.

Ricardo Miranda has been shooting fine art and editorial photography for 12 years. He documents the people of Los Angeles using photography, film and video to create socially interactive art. His projects include work in Latin American, Asia and Europe. He holds a B.F.A from the School of Photography at California Institute of the Arts.

Mark Mollgaard. I create sculptures in clay, and my artistic motivation is to joyfully explore the boundaries of the human imagination. My main sources of inspiration are nature, northwest Native American art, and avant-garde artists of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Michelle Nosco.Creates pivotal moments of connection, the simple paradigm shift in either motion or stills: film, oil paint, watercolor, charcoal, photoshop. BFA: U of MI Advertising/Design, CalARTS Masters in Directing Theatre/TV/Film, Celtic/Bluegrass Fiddle. Michelle is the CEO of Arts For Earth Foundation: a non-profit using the arts to explore and promote sustainable living.

Jillian Nye. Jillian’s credits include: Cal Poly Pomona summer art instructor, Hair and Make-up artist for Dinah Shore Palm Springs, and 2009 recipient of the ArtsLIVE Grant made possible though the Ventura County Art Council. She has performed at many venues all over Ventura County including UCSB and CSUCI.

Erin O'Brien. Hello, I'm Erin O'Brien; born with the gift of art in many arena's but not limited to children's illustrations, portraits and fine art. Since 1982, I have been diligent in the painting of mural's and faux finishing in homes and businesses within Ventura and Los Angeles counties, bringing my client's walls to life.

David Oliver. As a boy, having fun opened the locks on life's doors. As I grew I realized the fun was in the art and art was the key. Woodworking, music/songwriting, drawing and painting became my keys, opening up my creativity and pushing me towards the artistic life.

Sarah Roberts is a jewelry/clothing designer and fiber artist. Using textiles and hand knitting techniques she makes unique clothing, scarves, necklaces and hand-bags. She is also a silver worker and uses wire wrapping and soldering to create handmade earrings, necklaces, rings and brooches.

Saint Pierre is a producer and performer of all genres of music. He has published four albums and eight music videos worldwide. In addition, he is a bandleader, master of ceremonies and manages several music artists and groups. He is a master at planning, sponsoring, and promoting concerts.

Panos Skourtis is a musician/songwriter/producer/engineer. In the words of “Mic” magazine from his native Greece: “Panos is one of the best guitar players of his generation (Sigmatropic, Fractals)”. His talent’s latest incarnation, the band “We Govern We” can be described as intricate and enticing, anthemic and uplifting.

Qadriyyah Shamsid-Deen is a filmmaker, director, producer, and actor. She holds a B.F.A. from Howard University and an M.F.A. from California Institute of the Arts and is currently working on her second M.F.A. at Cal Arts School of Film and Video.

Frances Spencer has won awards in national juried exhibitions. Her prints and paintings have roots in medieval, expressionist and surrealist art. Her subject matter includes mythical, theatrical and biblical themes. She is also an award winning poet and playwright, whose plays have been produced in San Francisco and New York. Her screenplay was a finalist in the 2009 Shriekfest film festival in Hollywood.

Larissa Strauss is an award winning artist that specializes in glass mosaic. Her work is widely collected. She is the recipient of several public art commissions and artist fellowships. Her most recent commission is with the Museum of Ventura County.

Michael Tine. Michael holds a BFA in painting from the University of Tennessee and an MFA in sculpture from the University of Wyoming. He has exhibited in LA, Long Beach and Knoxville. His works are held in numerous private collections. His paintings explore power conflicts within gender roles.

Sarah Willey is a fine art photographer, Claymation and stop-motion animation artist. Sarah’s photography has been exhibited in solo and group shows around Ventura County, receiving several awards. Sarah was raised in Ojai, CA and has lived in Ventura since 1995.

Jacqueline Woods I have a deep respect for the genius of photography and its power of representation. My work explores memory and identity, both personal and collective. Traditional photographic materials are essential to my content.

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