WAV Studios are open to the public every First Friday of the month, from 6 to 9 pm.
A map of open studios is available in the central courtyard in front of the Community Room.

FRIDGE-WORTHY - A Retrospective Group Art Show - September 7, 2018

There will also be LIVE MUSIC in the courtyard

poster of Fridge Exhibit for First Friday

Artists from the Ventura and LA County Areas (Plus a few out-of-towners) will be showing off brand-new artwork based on an artistic creation from their childhood - something a parent would have proudly displayed on the refrigerator. These new pieces serve as an answer to, reimagining of or continuation of that childhood artwork. Both the new piece and the childhood piece (or a reproduction thereof) will be displayed side by side. These pieces will range from light-hearted to thought-provoking and can take the from of anything from 2D line art to 3D sculptures, and even animations! So come out and celebrate all the work, and see how much these fine artists have artistically matured (or not!).

ArtWalk at the WAV - October 7th and 8th, 2017

Guest Featured Artist at WAV - Gertrude McCarty Smith

poster for Gertrude McCarty Smith

For more information on the artist visit

poster for artwalk at wav

Meet and Greet the Artists at the WAV - September 23, 2017

poster of Tiger Huan for Artwalk Oct 1 and 2

For the first time since residents settled into Working Artists Ventura in 2009, we have collectively decided that it’s NOW time to come together and show the community who we are and what we have been up to. Our reach is widespread, from creating art in our homes and our local studios and workplaces, to sharing it countywide and all over the state, country and even the world. And we want our local community to know and see and hear who we are.

We know that we are privileged to live here and we want the local community to share in this special time where we come out of our homes into the shared communal spaces of the WAV to meet our neighbors and share our appreciation for enabling us to do what we love most to make life just a little more colorful, musical, beautiful and peaceful, too. Come and join us in this special event and we look forward to seeing you (YES, YOU!) there.

Michael Sullivan - WAV Artist and Managing editor of VCReporter

ArtWalk at the WAV - October 1st and 2nd

poster of Tiger Huan for Artwalk Oct 1 and 2

Friday October 30th, 6:00 to 9:00 pm
WAV Community Room

poster of California Youth Connection fundraiser

            Performing October 30th, 6 pm
             for the Mossy Foot Project

Her influences are varied and music genres are everything from gospel to blues to jazz to rock.

If the musical piece is primo, the genre doesn't matter. Good music is good music and for music to be good, it's gotta be soul sourced.


September 4th and 5th, 6:00 to 9:00 pm
WAV Community Room

poster of California Youth Connection fundraiser

ArtWalk at the WAV - July 18th and 19th

Two special performances:
Strong.mng showing in the Central Courtyard on Saturday, July 18th at 8:45 PM.
Cocktail Party for the Damned showing in the Central Courtyard on Sunday, July 19th at 2:00 PM.

poster of Strong.mng and Cocktail Party of the Damned

Strong.mng is a 45 minute production that follows an insecure and physical weak protagonist as he travels through his laptop into a dream-like Mongolian world where he finds a powerful jacket and a mysterious warrior woman.

Overtone singer Justin Leo Kennedy and dancer Wenwen Dong will perform in front of a spectacular 15 X 11.25 foot canvas featuring a real-time digital illustration by Amelia Boon.

The performance takes place during Artwalk at the WAV Central Plaza on Saturday, July 18, 2015 at 8:45 PM.

Cocktail Party of the Damned, is an excerpt from the new play, Drought: What Are You Thirsty For? directed by Tracy Hudak and developed with Catherine Burriss, Alana Burton Sheeren, Sandy Grass, Bob Mayberry, Don Warrick, Zahava Weiss and with live music by John Lacques.

Cocktail Party of the Damned is being created site-specifically for Working Artists Ventura and will be presented Sunday, July 19th at 2 PM. The excerpt is one half hour in length.

Self-guided Tours of Open Studios will continue throughout the ArtWalk hours. Pick up your Studio Guide in the WAV Central Courtyard.

For Guided Tours call Sarah at 805.653.1174. Please scheduled your tour two days in advance.

There will be a lineup of live music in the Working Courtyard by SHORE from 1:00 to 5:00 PM Saturday and live music in the Central Courtyard Sunday from 2:30 to 5:00 PM

ArtWalk at the WAV - July 19 and 20, 2014

Saturday 1:00 to 9:00 PM
Sunday Noon to 5:00 PM

Come to the WAV to see a grand-scale art installation that fills the entire block – fully utilizing the unique spaces including bridges, rooftops, gardens, and featuring our 35,000 cubic foot gallery. Intimate studio experiences with your neighborhood artists round out the multi-level extravaganza.

photograph of Silkscreen Cart

From the corner of Thompson Boulevard and Ventura Avenue to the alley behind, treat yourself to fantastic art and music and a variety of activities.

Play is your artistic currency. Come and share in the joy of creative play with us.

The WAV is also featuring The Mobile Arts Platform (MAP) Mobile Screen Print Cart in the main courtyard where visitors can learn how to screen print for free. The Mobile Screen Print Cart is inspired by a classic teardrop trailer and is towed by a vintage Vespa scooter. Once the cart arrives on-site, the top pops up and tables fold out from the sides creating two printmaking stations. The Mobile Arts Platform (MAP) is a Bay Area artmaking and curatorial team founded in 2009 by Peter Foucualt and Chris Treggiari with the goal of creating mobile exhibition structures that engage the public.

Visit to learn more about WAV artists and the fundraising projects that promise to enhance the experience of Ventura's unique artist colony and its contribution to community.


A year-long exhibit in 12 venues across Ventura County
Put on by CAREGIVERS: Volunteers Assisting the Elderly

June 6 to 21, 2014 - Reception, First Friday June 6, 6:00 to 9:00 PM
WAV Community Room - 175 S. Ventura Ave.

During the turn of the 19th century, watercolor painting flourished in California. Amateur artists tried their hand at the arts and many became proficient and known for their accomplishments - among the notable is Junie Harp. Although Orpha Woods Foster was one of many early artists living in Ventura County, it is only now, with Better Late Than Never, that her intimate watercolor landscapes will be shown to the public. Foster’s work might never have been significant, if she were not connected by marriage to one of Ventura County’s most outstanding philanthropists, Eugene Preston Foster, better known as E.P. Foster. His love for the outdoors encouraged his wife to enjoy painting local landscapes. The Fosters, together, purchased land countywide and gifted it to create county parks for all citizens to freely enjoy.

Two Woods - Four Seniors

Orpha Woods Foster is featured in Better Late Than Never, because it is such a late date for her obscure, historical paintings to see the light of day. She would certainly be considered a senior if she was alive today for her début – she would be 164 years old. Sarah Kalvin curates this dynamic and long overdue showing of Foster’s contribution to the arts in Ventura County. Kalvin’s watercolors in the exhibit are privileged companions to Foster’s soft and intimate landscapes.

Beatrice Wood was more prolific, and better known in her later years, than in the time of her developing career in the arts. Her start in the art world was with her association those who created the Dada Movement. She was known as the Mama of Dada.

Photo biographer, Jill Sattler, so eloquently captures Wood’s greatest moods and moments, at Wood’s request, shortly before her death in 1998 at the age of 105. Sattler is also known for her dynamic abstract works - a sampling of those in the exhibit reveals her versatility.

Free parking in gravel lot at the corner of Ventura Ave. and Thompson Blvd., Junipero St. and at the Museum of Ventura County parking lot on Santa Clara, one block east of Ventura Ave.

For more information contact:


WAV SUMMIT 2013: The Journey

Saturday Nov 9th 9:30 am to 1:30 pm - 175 S. Ventura Ave, Ventura, CA 93001

Life is not about the destination, but rather how we get there.

The WAV Summit will offer participants the avenue to envision, explore and expand their ways of learning, while also providing the opportunity to network and build relationships with one another. Join the WAV community as they share concepts, ideas, and inspirational presentations.


9:30 am:

10 to 11 am:

Kids Arts - Join an ongoing and free comprehensive arts experience for the youth of Ventura County! Jessica Mingo - fine artist and illustrator - will be guiding an arts/craft activity, while Susan Compton Smith - theater teacher - will be leading theater games. All kids from the ages 5-14 are welcome.

Wet Plate Collodion Demonstration - Using historical cameras and lenses along with a travelling dark room, watch Luther as he demonstrates the historical and primary photographic process used during the Civil War era using mammoth plate cameras and lenses, coating, and sheets of glass or metal.

Luther Gerlach, Wet Plate Collodion Photographer, WAV

Public Art and Partnership Opportunities with City of Ventura - Did you know that there are over 65 pieces of public art in the city of Ventura? Learn how artist projects are initiated, how to partner with businesses, get funding through the public arts commission and navigate the city approval process.

Denise Sindelar, Community Partnerships Manager, City of Ventura

ArtWalk 2013 at the WAV

WAV Events for Ventura ArtWalk July 20th and 21st - 2013

Pick up your free WAV Studio Guide on the 2nd fl. promenade - adjacent to the Central Courtyard. Follow the signs.

WAV Open Studios with Guided and Self-guided tours

Garden St. EcoArtFest with 10 guest artists - All day Saturday and Sunday

Davey Miller Jazz & Blues Concert – All day Saturday and Sunday

Solo Artist weaver in the WAV Community Room – weaving demonstration

18 EcoCars on Garden St. sponsored by Ventura Auto Center – Sat. and Sun.

Beer Garden in the WAV Central Courtyard

• Lobster and Mexican Food Trucks - Saturday

Marcelino Jimenez hosting a children’s workshop - art from scrap – Sat.

Rock 4 a Cause Red Cross Fundraiser - noon to 2:00 pm Sat.

Jewelry Making Workshop - Sun.

Free Jai Rhythm Yoga Classes - weekend.

Luther Gerlach photographing the event and portraits - Sat.

Art by Scott Gordon, Assemblage - Studio 208 E

First Friday December 7th, 6 to 10 pm

Miyuki Harley will start off the evening with vocals and keyboard

Frances Spencer will recite orginal poetry accompanied by drums

Open Studios
Live Music

Drum Circle organized by Chalee
Bring your drum, old pot or anything that you can beat!

First Friday November 2nd, at 6:30 pm - Day of the Dead

Face Painting
Open Studios
Live Music

Drum Circle organized by Chalee
Bring your drum - Wake the Dead!

Alignment Exercise - WAV Community Room - Tuesdays, ongoing - 12:30 to 1:30 pm

Free classes

The way a body moves determines its health. Unnatural movement results in pain and disease. Therefore, natural movement can alleviate pain and disease.

Just like any machine, the human body functions optimally when it is in correct biomechanical alignment. The goal of Whole Body Alignment is give everyone the tools they need to move their bodies in a way that promotes health. Learn how to become your body’s own mechanic to create the health that you desire!

This is not an exercise class. This is movement and education for optimal health and bodily function. Come learn about Whole Body Alignment Theory!

Please bring your own yoga mat.

ArtWalk Talk - Taking Care of Business - WAV Community Room- Thursday 19 July - 8:00 pm

Erik Reel, Arts & Culture editor for, visual artist and writer, will give a talk centered around a few key concepts related to art and business, as they relate to our situation here in Ventura at this time in history, then open up the discussion and respond to questions from the audience.

Create Inside Out! Ventura - WAV Community Room - Saturdays June 9 and July 14 - 11 am -1 pm

Choreographer Aria Edry and painter Lynn LeTourneau would like to invite you to an Art & Dance Improvisation Workshop

You can have art, all you have to do is change your mind. ---John Cage

Find authentic impulse. Explore the unlikely and unexpected. Dig deeper into deepest self.

No training necessary, just bring your sense of fun.

Single Workshop $30, Two for $50; Four for $100
Past participants: $20 per workshop


The City of Ventura is putting on its second annual Ventura Music Week.

The WAV is proud to host the following Bands for Friday evening, February 17th at the WAV Community Room

photograph of Rubberneck Lions
  • The B Mikasa Band 8:30 - 9:30
  • Kyle Hunt & King Gypsy 9:30 - 10:30
  • Rubberneck Lions 10:30 - 11:30

$5.00 Suggested Donation         

Ventura County Storytelling Guild : Tellabration!! - WAV Theater Galley - November 19th - 7:30 to 9:00 pm

Reaping Our Roots
A World of Stories

For as long as we have inhabited the world as humans we have sat together and shared tales to enhance self-reflection and symbolic possibilities of our own lives.

Come hear some of Ventura County's most talented tellers as they share our rich heritage of ancient story and personal experience.

Tellabration is an annual event of the National Storytelling Network in which racon-teurs from around the world come together on the third Saturday in November to share their talent with their communities.

Suitable for ages 12 and older

For more information contact:

The WAV is Having a Workshop! - WAV Community Room, November 19th from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.
It’s fun and environmentally conscious.

The WAV is a leader in the arts and sustainability. WAV Artist, Marcelino Jimenez, will head up a workshop for all ages, at the WAV Community Room. There will be instruction on how to make mobiles and sculptures from plastic bottles. Marcelino will demonstrate how to cut, twist and curl your bottles into beautiful pieces of art. Then we’ll decorate the bottles with found objects to enhance your creation.

Marcelino Jimenez has worked in assemblage for many years. He helped develop Santa Barbara’s Art From Scrap, and specializes in teaching children’s workshops.

Ongoing classes planned, $5 donation.

Enjoy an afternoon of creativity and friendship at the WAV.

Bring your favorite decorative art supplies - we'll supply the empty bottles and much more.

View a previous workshop

Ventura City Council Candidate Forum
WAV Community Room - Tuesday, October 4th, 6:00 to 9:00 pm

VCCool teams up with local organizations and businesses to present the Ventura City Council Candidate GREEN FORUM at the WAV Community Room.

This historic Forum focuses on green solutions for Ventura. We recognize that the artificial division between Economy and Environment is obsolete.

It's time to come together and support green jobs, sustainable energy, healthy transportation, efficient homes, a resilient local economy, clean beaches, and a future for our kids and their kids.

At the forum, we will hear what ideas and visions the candidates bring to the table.

The forum will start with a beautiful local slide show, music, and refreshments - a celebration of our amazing home. The Power of Green forum will follow, with prepared as well as audience questions for local candidates.

The event is free and open to the public. All eleven dedicated citizens who are campaigning to serve on the Ventura City Council are invited as our Guests of Honor. The Forum Moderator will be WAV artist Vonder Gray.

In addition to VCCool, sponsors are: The WAV, Patagonia, C4 Green Building Council, Surfrider, Kids VS. Global Warming, Ventura Bicycle Union, SOAR, the Environmental Defense Counsel, and more.

VCCool is an active, local, grass-roots organization dedicated to lowering greenhouse gases in Ventura and Ventura County. Our Mission is to address climate change by promoting a green economy and sustainable lifestyle through local community action, education, effective public policy, and an inspiring proactive vision.

VCCool's On-Line Green Candidate Questionnaire Q&A available Sept 26th at

Paint Ventura - Open Studios - September 11th - 1:00 to 5:00 pm

The WAV, Working Artists Ventura, is Ventura's new arts community that enhances the local art scene by its sustainable housing and workplace for over 80 artists using a multitude of disciplines. There are painters, sculptors, photographers, musicians, singers, actors, dancers, wood workers, jewelry designers, graphic designers, writers, film makers, assemblage artists and clothing designers; all living and collaborating in the same apartment complex.

WAV studio lofts will be open on September 11th from 1:00 to 5:00 PM to invite visitors to meet the artists and to enjoy viewing visual arts in private studios. From 5:00 to 7:00 PM there will be a lineup of easy listening music at the WAV Community Room located in the central plaza. There will be a lineup of rock bands at the same location from 7:00 to 10:00 PM. The day promises to immerse visitors in the arts of all types and styles.

Come to the central plaza upon arrival to view an enlarged map that will indicate the studios that will be open, and pick up a free individual studio guide to help direct you on the self-guided studio trail. Periodic guided tour times will be posted on the enlarged map, or call 805.653.1174 to arrange a guided tour at your convenience. Open doors mean open studios, and refreshments will be served in the private studios of most artists. Come and be surrounded by arts and artists from around the world, all in one place; the amazing WAV.

Pick up a free Passport to the WAV raffle card in the plaza to participate in a raffle to win art created by WAV artists. Get 10 artists’ signatures on the card and you are eligible to win.

To honor the 10th anniversary of 9/11, WAV will have a Memorial Wall in the Theater/Gallery. We will have some supplies to use to express your feelings or write messages to put on or around the wall.

Visit the WAV official website See photos of the artists on the WAV Artists Page. Download and print a studio guide from the Events Page. The Contact Page shows maps of the WAV location, floor plan of Studios, and the Community Room and Plaza.

Free parking is available in the dirt lot on the corner of Ventura Ave. and Thompson Blvd. Please cross at the light signal. Safe guest drop off at the entrance in the alleyway between Thompson and Santa Clara, just off Ventura Ave.. Handicap access and elevators by alley entrance. WAV is a Leed Certified building with a regulation that requires no smoking within 25 feet of the property.

May 14 – 8:30 P.M.

International jazz vocalist Toni Jannotta will bring her quintet to the WAV Community Room on May 14, 2011, with two sets beginning at 8:30 p.m.

Joining Toni onstage will be L.A. saxophonist Scheila Gonzalez from Zappa Plays Zappa, local players Kevin Fukagawa on keyboards and Tom Etchart on acoustic bass, and L.A. drummer, Derek Syverud. The concert will feature straight-ahead jazz from ballads to bebop in the vocalese tradition, warm and liquid Latin tunes, as well as original material from Toni’s three vocal jazz CD’s, Just Jazz, Jazz at the Ranch, and Is It Magic?.

Toni, a two-time arts grant recipient, was last seen at the WAV when she presented her performance creation, Voices of the Homeless on the patio last August. The Voices concert combined individuals who had experienced homelessness telling their stories backed by jazz improvisers. It is now being made into a documentary.

For more information on upcoming concerts or Toni’s teaching schedule, please contact Toni at: (805) 512-1505
or visit her website at: