ArtWalk at the WAV

July 18th and 19th

Two special performances:
Strong.mng showing in the Central Courtyard on Saturday, July 18th at 8:45 PM.
Cocktail Party for the Damned showing in the Central Courtyard on Sunday, July 19th at 2:00 PM.

poster of Strong.mng and Cocktail Party of the Damned

Strong.mng is a 45 minute production that follows an insecure and physical weak protagonist as he travels through his laptop into a dream-like Mongolian world where he finds a powerful jacket and a mysterious warrior woman.

Overtone singer Justin Leo Kennedy and dancer Wenwen Dong will perform in front of a spectacular 15 X 11.25 foot canvas featuring a real-time digital illustration by Amelia Boon.

The performance takes place during Artwalk at the WAV Central Plaza on Saturday, July 18, 2015 at 8:45 PM.

Cocktail Party of the Damned, is an excerpt from the new play, Drought: What Are You Thirsty For? directed by Tracy Hudak and developed with Catherine Burriss, Alana Burton Sheeren, Sandy Grass, Bob Mayberry, Don Warrick, Zahava Weiss and with live music by John Lacques.

Cocktail Party of the Damned is being created site-specifically for Working Artists Ventura and will be presented Sunday, July 19th at 2 PM. The excerpt is one half hour in length.

Self-guided Tours of Open Studios will continue throughout the ArtWalk hours. Pick up your Studio Guide in the WAV Central Courtyard.

For Guided Tours call Sarah at 805.653.1174. Please scheduled your tour two days in advance.

There will be a lineup of live music in the Working Courtyard by SHORE from 1:00 to 5:00 PM Saturday and live music in the Central Courtyard Sunday from 2:30 to 5:00 PM

Gabrielle Louise

WAV Community Room - Thursday, June 5th, 2014 - at 7:00 pm

image of Gabrielle Louise

Gabrielle Louise is a songwriter and storyteller living in the mountains outside of Boulder, CO. Half her time she's touring and making records and the other half she's gardening an acre of land and writing songs on her porch overlooking a cobalt blue ridge-line. Her live show is honest, introspective and engaging.

She executes a captivating balance of heartache and resolve. --David McGee (Music critic for Rolling Stone, Spin, Deep Roots Magazine, and, NYC, NY)

Listen to her new CD

Visit her website:

Tret Fure

WAV Community Room - Friday, June 7th at 7:00 PM

photo of Tret Fure playing her guitar

Tret Fure is celebrating the release of her 14th album, A Piece of the Sky at the WAV.

FAME magazine says of this new CD, For those who love Tret Fure's music, and for those first coming to the songs of this talented singer/songwriter and producer, this recording is for you. Tret opens both heart and mind and gives herself over to the music. And it is beautiful music, indeed, addressing where we have come to in life, and where we are going--gathering our loved ones around us all along the route.

Tickets are $18 advance and $20 at the door.

Advance tickets are available online at
Go to the date of show and click on the paypal link.

For more about Tret, go to


Ebony Ann Blaze and special musical guests

WAV Community Room - Saturday September 7, 2013 - at 7:00 pm

photo of poster of At Home Concert series - Ebony Ann Blaze

MsJames Music presents - the At Home Concert Series
featuring Ebony Ann Blaze and special musical guests

WAV Community Room - Friday May 31st, 2013 - at 6:00 pm

photo of poster of At Home Concert series - Ebony Ann Blaze

Join us for an evening of incredible music, friendly faces, and refreshments to help raise funds for the Kindling the Blaze project.

Pre-sale Admission is $15 - available for a limited time via Paypal

General Admission is $20 and can be purchased here -
Please bring your printed ticket for admission, and include the names of each guest in your party at check out. We look forward to seeing you there!

More about the Kindling the Blaze project.
My purpose is to uplift, and edify the art of live performance and creative expression through music. In my experience as an after school music program coordinator, I witnessed firsthand the power of music to uplift and improve the lives of children. I became inspired to serve people in this way. I started pursuing a Masters degree in Education, and began my private voice instruction studio called Sing Your BEST Self.

 Plans are underway to expand my private studio, providing music programs in the community giving students opportunities to interact with industry professionals, receive lessons, make music friends, and perform with peers.

 Throughout my education, music programs were funded and readily available. They help budding musicians refine performance skill, learn to effectively communicate, build confidence, and sustain the culture of music. Despite the many benefits music programs provide, they are being eliminated in schools at the expense of our children.

Having been a participant of many music programs, I've grown confident in my musical gifts, and truly believe I can do something to ensure others will have opportunities to grow in theirs. I know I can positively affect future generations, and you can support my impact by donating to Kindling the Blaze. I am using everything I’ve learned to demonstrate the effort and positive values promoted to my students.

Kindling the Blaze is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of Kindling the Blaze must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Please visit the project page to donate and learn more about Kindling the Blaze at:

Celtic Crossing with Little Black Train and special guests Sam 'n Ash

WAV Community Room - Sunday April 28, 2013 - at 4:00 pm
$15 advanced $18 at the door

photo of Little Black Train band

Little Black Train plays a fun, refreshing fusion of vintage fiddle tunes, blazing mandolin, and songs of old-time Americana. The all-acoustic trio of veteran pickers mixes up an unlikely blend of old-timey songs, bluesy mandolin, and Celtic fiddle to create their unique breed of oldternative Americana. From Folkworks Magazine: The trio consists of West Virginia native Stuart Mason, whose deep roots in traditional music are reflected in his authentic lead vocals, guitar, mandola and banjo; John Weed, whose old-time Irish fiddling style and harmony vocals carry the listener back through the centuries; and Kenny Blackwell, whose sometimes-bluesy, sometimes-jazzy, and always brilliant mandolin or guitar embroiders every melody, along with his harmony vocals.

photo of Samantha Harvey and Ashley Broder

Sam 'n Ash are a new and innovative duo in the world of folk music. Samantha Harvey and Ashley Broder are both well-versed in their instruments, but their combination of accordion and mandolin is unique and beautiful. Ashley Broder is an in-demand mandolinist, violinist, and cellist living in Ventura, California. After touring for several years as a duo with violinist Jamie Laval, Ashley joined the Celtic jam band, The Syncopaths, and travels across the country performing concerts and contra dances. When she is not touring, Ashley teaches music and collaborates with as many musicians as she can. Samantha Harvey is an award-winning accordionist, pianist, and stepdancer. Steeped in the Celtic traditions, her tunes and driving percussive steps come straight from the heart.

For more information:
call 805.215.0306

Why Are We In Afghanistan? - a play by Kieron Barry

Rehearsed reading - WAV Community Room - Friday 19th April, 2013 - at 8:00 pm

photo of poster of Why are we in Afghanistan

Fragmented, oblique and troubling, Why Are We In Afghanistan? weaves together visions of today's America into an uneasy patchwork of a continent by turns paranoid and oblivious.

The reading features Jeanne Taylor, Brian Carpenter, Paul Major, Allison Threadgold and Adalgiza Chermont.

Free admission. Unreserved seating.

EARTH*BIKE*BANJO - Earth Month Tour 2013

WAV Community Room - Thursday, April 18, 2013 - at 6:00 pm
$15 at the door

photo of Erin Inglish playing her banjo

ERIN INGLISH, a native of the California Central Coast, delivers a unique presentation of voice and banjo is reminiscent of the sounds of John Hartford and the activist stylings of Peggy Seeger.
Erin has lived in India, Madagascar, Bulgaria and Serbia, and her songwriting reflects her worldly travels and grounding passion for sustainability and art. From the conscientious messages in her songwriting and performing, to her consulting work as an energy efficiency and sustainability specialist, Erin is a consummate, humanistic storyteller.

Erin is touring – with her banjo – by bicycle along the coast of California almost 1000 miles from Arcata down to San Diego in celebration of Earth Month (April, between 3/27/13 – 4/28/13), playing scheduled gigs in the evenings and visiting schools, local organizations, farms, bike coalitions, etc. during the days to talk about sustainability and share music. Join her as she rides the EARTH*BIKE*BANJO – Earth Month Tour 2013 by following along on her blog or on her Facebook page.

The WAV is a truly one-of-a-kind facility. Not only is it a home for a talented gamut of artists, musicians, and other creative-type residents, but the buildings are stunning (and they are LEED-certified to boot). The real selling point for me though - as a musician and performer - is the WAV's beautiful performance and gallery space. I have been thoroughly impressed with the professionalism of the staff, and I look forward to giving many more concerts at this Ventura gem! ... ERIN INGLISH

SKYDIVER - The Road to Forgiveness

A one woman show
Written and Performed by Vonder Gray
WAV Community Room - Saturday, February 23, 2013 at 7:00 pm
Paintings from LA, exhibiting from 3:00 to 6:00 pm

image of Vonder Gray

From privileged childhood and debutante, Ms. Gray became an artist and skydiver, a wife and mother, alcoholic . . . one breath away from homeless . . . this is an adventure story of the spirit told with words and paint.

Ms. Gray performed Skydiver in New York on and off for 3 years. She received several awards for her writing and performances in 1999 and 2000. Vonder has also performed Skydiver on and off for the past year in Ventura CA.

Skydiver has been an ongoing writing, painting and performance project for Ms. Gray since the 1990s in New York. Over the past 9 months of being in a new place, LA, and taking care of her granddaughter who just turned 1, Ms. Gray has spent a lot of time alone and has had a lot of time to think. She has rewritten the second half of the show to reflect the changes in her life and to bring her story up to date. This will be the premiere of this new version.

My husband and I talked about your show all the way home and woke up the next morning talking about it.   LP Ventura

Since seeing your show, I have started talking to my therapist about my sexual abuse & rape issues.
TG Ventura

(In tears) I was there, exactly there. Thank you.    T Simi Valley

Brave. Telling the truth is brave.   FT NYC

I love the story. You are an amazing actress!
CW Encino

I love your paintings; it helps to tell the story.
LP Ojai

Although Skydiver may be excruciatingly personal, it never becomes inaccessible or masturbatory. It offers the winning side of the downside of life. Review: OOBR 2000, by Andreas J. Wrath

Tret Fure in Concert

WAV Community Room - Friday, February 8, 2013 - at 8:00 pm

photo of Women’s Music legend Tret Fure

Tret is currently touring her hit single, Blackberry Blues from her latest album, The Horizon, the title track of which debuted at #1 on the OutVoice website. A celebrated player in the Women’s Music movement in the early 80’s, Tret performed with and produced the most preeminent artists of the day, including the legendary CD, Meg & Cris at Carnegie Hall. Working as a duo with the venerable Cris Williamson throughout the ‘90’s, they toured worldwide and released 3 CDs together.

Now after 5 acoustic releases on her own label, Tomboy Girl Records, Tret has established herself as a solo artist in the folk world, winning the 2004 South Florida Folk Festival Singer/Songwriter Competition.

Women’s music legend Tret Fure continues to turn out marvelous album . . .  Gregg Shapiro, Chicago Free Press

Concert Tickets are $15 in advance and $18 at the door and can be purchased online at
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the WAV.

Inglish and Louise Concert

WAV Community Room - October 4, 2012 - at 8:00 pm

photo of Inglish and Louise female folk singers with a powerful voice

INGLISH and LOUISE is a vivacious female folk duo comprised of two songwriters, both of whom are consummate musicians and powerful singers.

Erin Inglish is a native of the California Central Coast and plays solid Scruggs-style banjo giving her a unique and superb presentation of voice and banjo. Inglish has lived in India, Madagascar, Bulgaria and Serbia and her songwriting reflects her worldly travels and grounding passion for sustainability and social justice.

Gabrielle Louise hails from the rocky mountain state of Colorado. She is a nationally touring troubadour noted for her poignant lyrics and incredible, lush voice. Gabrielle is at one moment folkie and ethereal, the next moment a smoky jazz chanteuse. More soul than special effect, she gently entices her listener to release their grip on the status quo.

Over the years, these women have nurtured and maintained independent careers as musicians and activists, and are now coming together to present a strong, progressive folk duo.

Their show at the WAV promises to be filled with excellent original songwriting, packed tight with harmonies, and steeped with musical collaboration.

$10 at the door.

The Sound of Awakening

Montino Bourbon
WAV Community Room - August, 3rd - at 7:00 pm

photo of Montino Bourbon playing an instrument he invented

Montino Bourbon will be performing on a new instrument he invented,
accompanied by Greg Johnson on tabla.

Suggested Donation: $15

Encouragement for the Would-Be Prisoner

A First Friday Feature
Directed by Kieron Barry
WAV Community Room - May, 4th - between 7:00 and 10:00 pm

Poster for First Friday event

As part of First Friday on May 4th, watch playwright Kieron Barry work in an open rehearsal with some of LA's leading character actors.

Drop in to the WAV Gallery any time between 7 and 10pm to see this most fragile of art-forms try once again to solve the puzzles of the soul. Witness actors and director collaborate, experiment, and exercise the right to fail.


The City of Ventura is putting on its second annual Ventura Music Week.

The WAV is proud to host the following Bands for Friday evening, February 17th at the WAV Community Room

photograph of Rubberneck Lions

$5.00 Suggested Donation                   

Vonder Gray Productions presents Skydiver

Written and Performed by Vonder Gray
Directed by John Leamer
WAV Community Room - October 28, 29 and 30 - 8:00 pm

image of Vonder Gray

Skydiver; an adventure story of the spirit told in words and paint...from debutante to homeless and back...well, almost. Skydiver explores both the adversity and the triumph of life. It is excruciatingly honest, exhilarating.

Gray's performance was strong, her abiity to take silences and let moments occur was an acting lesson in itself. (from OOBR, Off Off Broadway Review)

WAV artist Vonder Gray is a painter, actor and writer. She has performed both in New York and Southern California.

In 1999, Vonder won a Backstage Critic's Pick performance of the year for her portrayal of Irene, a homeless woman, in Sage Theater's production of Encounters in Passaic. In 2007, Gray won a 4Star Theater Award for her performance as Boo in Last Night of Ballyhoo at the Ojai Art Center Theater.

Skydiver is a fundraiser for Spark the Life of a Child!, sponsored by Project Understanding / SHORE.

Tickets: $15 suggested donation.

First Thursdays - World Class Jazz
with Davey Miller and Guests

WAV Community Room - August 4th - 8:00 to 10:00 pm

WAV Musician and Painter, Davey Miller, invites guest musicians to perform every first Thursday of the month.
Davey is on the drums and is the vocalist, and he has played here at the WAV with jazz musicians such as:

from Los Angeles
from Big bad VooDoo Daddy
from Stan Getz and Pat Metheny
from Stanley Clarke and Horace Silver
from Sting and Chick Corea
from Los Angeles
from Los Angeles
from the Clayton-Hamilton Orchestra
IRA NEPUS – Trombone
from New York

The Syncopaths in Concert

WAV Community Room - July 22nd - 7:30 pm

photo of the Syncopaths Celtic Folk Band

Though they may not have the international acclaim of the likes of Solas or the Chieftains, make no mistake, the Syncopaths are nothing short of a Celtic supergroup. - Dave Soyars (Irish Herald)

The Syncopaths are swinging through southern California for a concert at The WAV Gallery in Ventura and a concert and contra dance at Cal Tech in Pasadena. The band began as a casual, impromptu jam among friends and has evolved into it's own with well-crafted arrangements of original and traditional songs and tunes. They recently came out with their second CD together called Five Gears which is gaining national attention. Each member of the Syncopaths is an in-demand musician, involved with other projects, but each make time for the Syncopaths because of the electric music-making and close friendships:

Ryan McKasson - Fiddle
Ashley Broder - Mandolin
Jeff Spero - Keyboard
Christa Burch - Bodhran and Vocals

Tickets: $15 donation.

Gilberto Gonzalez Band in Concert

WAV Central Courtyard - July 15th - 6:00 pm

photo of Gilberto Gonzalez playing his guitar

Giblerto Gonzalez - Guitar
Eduardo Enciso - Vocals
Al Velasquez - Drums
Randy Tico - Bass
Jeff Elliot - Trumpet and Keyboards
and special guests.

Tickets $15 donation.

Toni Jannotta in Concert

WAV Community Room     -     May 14, 2011   -   8:30 pm

Toni Jannotta

International jazz vocalist Toni Jannotta to play at the WAV Community Room.

The creator and producer of the jazz inspired performance piece "Voices of the Homeless" Toni is the recipient of two cultural arts grants awarded here in Ventura.

A writer and producer, Toni has recorded three internationally distributed CD's.

"Toni's voice soars through the breezes like a bird flutters through the sky." O's Jazz Newsletter.

"She's definitely not just another lady jazz singer . . ." Improvijazzation Nation.

$10 Donation at the door.


Working Artists Ventura

All performances at the WAV Community Room - Friday, April 29 to Sunday, May1

photographic montage of Robert Earl Longley, Nicholas Ansara, Jef Uzzell

Saturday Night

Jkoo Review

Saturday, April 30, 6:00 to 10:00 pm

JKoo will perform with several local artists songwriters, who will play songs from the 70's and 80's incorporated with their new originals.
Headliners for the event:
Jeff Uzzell on the guitar, performance at 7:00 pm
Nicholas Ansara on the guitar, performance at 7:30 pm
Free concert or by donation

Tret Fure

WAV Community Room - Friday, April 8th at 8:00PM

Tret Fure playing the guitar and singing

Tret is currently touring her new CD, Horizons. The title track debuted at #1 on the OutVoice website.

She began a celebrated player in the Women's Music movement in the early 80s, performing with and producing the most preeminent artists of the day, including the legendary CD, Meg and Cris at Carnegie Hall. Working as a duo with the venerable Cris Williamson throughout the 90s, they toured worldwide and released 3 CDs together.

Now after 5 acoustic releases on her own label, Tomboy Girl Records, Tret has established herself as a solo artist in the folk world, winning the 2004 South Florida Folk Festival Singer/Songwriter Competition.

Women's music legend Tret Fure continues to turn out marvelous albums.... Gregg Shapiro, Chicago Free Press

Tret Fure Concert Tickets are a donation of $18 in advance/$20 at the door and can be purchased online at For more information, photos, or interviews, please contact Shepherd Sands at 818-885-8857.


at the WAV Community Room   -   February 12, 2011  -  7 to 10 pm


Attire: costumes, masks, valentine colors preferred, red and pink are great!

Elevator Ska
Matt Zeltzer
Donna Marshall
Melvin Spooney Brannon

Guest Appearance:
Jade Hendrix

Cost: Free
18 or over preferred
Time: 7-10PM

Some other fun:
Giant Canvas - Group Painting

Everyone in attendance will have a chance to paint backgrounds on a giant canvas. The canvas will then be cut into smaller pieces for each WAV artist to complete a painting for "The WÃV Summer Solstice Concert"

New Year's Celebration

at the WAV Community Room - December 31 - From 8 pm to Midnight!

Christmas Show

Come Meet the WAV Artists in a Casual setting
on New Year's Eve

We'll be dancing to a medley of music . . .
Watching the NYC Ball Drop . . .
Celebrating our 1st year anniversary . . .
Welcoming our new WÃV residents . . .
Welcoming home WÃV residents . . .
Short performances and the Year in Review . . .

We're inviting the community to celebrate with us at the WĀV Community Room.

Friday, December 31st - 8 pm to Midnight.
Lite music and chat from 8 to 10 pm.
Dance Music from 10 to Midnight.

Bring Champagne, Wine, Beer, Soft Drinks and Snacks to Share.

See Contact page for location map


At The WAV Theater - Saturday, Nov. 27 - 8pm and Sunday Nov. 28 - 5 pm

WAV Photograph

Teatro de las Américas and MusicaLatitudes present "Christmas Tales and Chants" a Latin American Celebration for the Entire Family.

Actors from Teatro de las Américas and musicians and singers from MusicaLatitudes gather into a colorful choir performing traditional Christmas Latin American songs and reading warm, funny and sad Christmas stories from various Spanish-speaking countries.

The music and the written words are from Mexican, Venezuelan, Ecuadorian, Puerto Rican, Chilean, and other countries.

Composers and storytellers merge in this performance in Spanish with English supertitles.

Ticket Donation:
$10.00 general admission
$7.00 seniors and students
$25.00 per Family

Join us in this musical Christmas journey through Latin America at the following locations and times:

Saturday, Nov. 27 at 8pm and Sunday Nov. 28 at 5 pm - WĀV Theater - 175 S. Ventura Ave., Ventura

Friday and Saturday, Dec. 3 and 4 at 8 pm - South Oxnard Community Center - 200 E. Bard Rd., Oxnard (in collaboration with the Oxnard Recreation Department)

Friday, Dec. 10 @ 8 pm - Casa del Mexicano - 218 S. 11th St., Santa Paula

Friday and Saturday Dec. 17 and 18 @ 8 pm - Heritage Square Hall - 731 S. A St., Oxnard


WAV Community Room - Two shows: Friday, Oct 29 - 7pm & 9pm

Champagne Sunday

CHAMPAGNE SUNDAY gives a powerful, honest, edgy, refreshing, and original show. It is a heartfelt and engaging performance that demonstrates enthusiastic chemistry seldom seen in rock bands today.

The group creates their own style that breaks all tradition. After their most recent California and Pacific Northwest tour, come and experience their WAV debut.

Doors Open 6:00 p.m.


ArtWalk at the WAV

Art Exhibitions - Plays and Magic Performances - Evening Concert
Saturday, October 16 - 1:00 to 9:00 pm and Sunday, October 17 - Noon to 5:00 pm

WAV Artists

WAV is the home and workspace for 77 artists from 20 countries, who will display their art in their open studios for ArtWalk Weekend. A reception table in the Community Room courtyard will offer business cards and brochures representing all WAV artists. Pick up studio guides for self guided tours of artists' studios or sign up for guided tours throughout the day. Don't forget to visit the studios of our WAV musicians, dancers and writers.

Bat Woman

BOB DeBRIS, Guest Photographer

Meet the Artist - Reception
Community Room Courtyard 4:00 pm

Bob DeBris studied film and photography at Banff Center, Humber College, Connestoga College, the College of Creative Studies at the University of California in Santa Barbara, and a brief unhappy stint at Cal Arts.

His work has shown in places as varied as The McCord Museum in Montreal, to the shopping carts of the Safeway in Santa Barbara.

He was recently the subject of a one-man traveling show, “20 Years of DeBris: A Wrecktrospective,”at the Contemporary Arts Forum in Santa Barbara and at Cal State Fullerton.

His photographs have been featured in Juxtapoz, Rolling Stone, The Oxford American, as well as book covers for Daniel and Daniel, Norton Press, and New York University Press.

DeBris Exhibit organized by Colin Gray

Bob Bolivar

BOB BOLIVAR, October 16 - Community Room Courtyard

Bob Bolivar, magician extraordinaire, performing in the Community Room Courtyard 5:00 pm. One performance only - don't miss it!

A featured performer at the Magic Castle, Bolivar has won numerous performance awards and has been honored by the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the Society of American Magicians, Southern California Association of Magicians and the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians.

Specializing in Close Up and Parlor Magic, Bolivar has   been the top choice for corporate and private events for 25 years.

Bob Bolivar

"Magic is my profession and I work very hard to be one of the very best."

Amazing slight of hand. My Perception of reality has changed forever . . . . . . Los Angeles Times

For more information about The Magic Castle

Amateur magicians will wander the WAV throughout the day. Look for them suddenly appearing before your eyes!

Magician performances organized by Sarah Kalvin

mass Media

"MASS COMMUNICATION, A Dialogical Investigation"

WAV Retail Space Gallery

Artists' Reception - Community Room Courtyard at 4:00 pm

WÃV is proud to present “MASS COMMUNICATION, A Dialogical Investigation” - an art installation by Artists In Diaspora: Aaron Dadacay, Gladys Rodriguez, Olguin Tapia and David Lucas Bell.

Mass Media

Artists in Diaspora create a series of installations at the WÃV Retail Space for the City of Ventura Fall ArtWalk.

Mass Communication is a dialogical investigation on how the mass media molds the discourse of gender roles in our society today.

“This Side Up, Human Trafficking Containers” by Aaron Dadacay - Wood, plastic, rubber bungee cords, paint. 6’x4’x3’.

Mass Communication organized by Paul Benavidez



Various Locations

October 16 - Throughout the day

Chucumite is the name of the duet who play 'son Jarocho', the folk music of southern Veracruz state, on the Gulf coast of Mexico. John Robles plays the Veracruz folk harp, and Robert Perales plays ‘Jarana Jarocha’. The duet has been performing together for almost twenty years. These creative musicians belong to the Jarocho tradition but their music has been influenced by that which is happening around it.

Chucumite will be playing in various locations throughout the day. Listen for them in the Courtyard, At the WAV entrance on Ventura Avenue, and on the third floor bridge.


ArtWalk Evening Concert at the WÃV - Community Room Courtyard - October 16 - Starting at 8:00 pm

Multiple band performances begins at 8pm at the WAV Theater/Gallery



Community Room Courtyard

October 16 - Time: TBA pm

Gypsy Death Star is comprised of vocalist/lyricist Wyatt Hull and producer/composer Cesar Augusto, the essential musical force behind Hull’s signature emotive and howling vocals.

Augusto dials in down-tempo electronic pulses that drive a sound successful in evoking deep sonic content, while keeping a strong pop sensibility, from the dark side of ambient techno to the depths of post-punk and new wave. As the name implies, this power duo probably could actually destroy planets.

We Govern We


Community Room Courtyard

October 16 - Time: TBA

People say various things about We Govern We. Their local paper describes them as Shiny Toy Guns with a little BitterSweet, maybe it's La Roux touring with the Bad Seeds, but it doesn't really matter because how can you pigeonhole a band that, after paying tribute to the Pixies and Placebo, names both Duran Duran and Sigur Ross as influences?

Maybe it's their unconventional background as their members hail from places as far apart as Alexandroupolis, Greece and Minneapolis, Minnesota and reached California via Prague and Athens.

Thank you to the organizers of Fall ArtWalk 2010, they are: Facilitator, Larissa Strauss, and WAV Artists Colin Gray, Sarah Kalvin, Paul Benavidez, Marina Fliagina, John Leamer, Britten Barry, Taya Pocock and St. Pierre.

    WÃV Fashion Show & Jade Hendrix Concert - Community Room Courtyard - October 10, 2010 from 4pm to 8:30pm

Fashin Show Poster

The Main Event will include Wine Tastings, Fashion Shows, Loft Tours, Art Exhibitions, and Concert featuring Jade Hendrix, Elevator SKA, and other artists. Food and other vendors will be on site.

DRESS CODE: Black, White, or Black and White. It will be a well dressed event with a red carpet entrance for guests. Ventura's commitment to the arts was affirmed with the completion in 2009 of the WĀV (Working Artists Ventura), the first sustainable arts community in the world.

The WĀV artist village houses 77 artists representing 21 countries. Visitors can experience the filmmaker, painter, photographer, singer, sculptor, dancer and more, not only seeing the work, but meeting the artist.


Tomorrow in the Battle.  A rehearsed reading of a new play by Kieron Barry.  With Alexander McConnell, Allison Threadgold and Kristen Lewis - WAV Gallery - Thursday, September 9 - 8pm

Kieron Barry

Playwright Kieron Barry was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, he is a three-time recipient of Peggy Ramsay Foundation awards. In 2009 he joined Kevin Spacey, Sir Ian McKellen, Sam Mendes and others, as a London Evening Standard Theatre Award nominee, and was also made a Norman Mailer Fellow. His most recent play, Stockwell, enjoyed sell-out runs at London’s Landor and Tricycle theatres last year.

More gripping than anything else to be seen in the London theatre . . . . . . The London Times

This devastating piece of theatre… will leave you bristling with anger, bewilderment and emotion . . . . . . The London Paper

Kieron Barry’s sharp, sleek script… attains the gripping, sickening momentum of a thriller . . . . . . London Evening Standard

Stunning… an important, resonant gem of theatre . . . . . . The Observer

Beautifully structured… a superlative ensemble effort . . . . . . The Daily Telegraph

Thursday, September 9th, 2010 - 8pm

Unreserved seating: $5 requested donation

VOICES OF THE HOMELESS at the WAV Theater Courtyard, Saturday August 21, 2010 - 2:00 pm - Free to the Public

Where people who have experienced homelessness tell their stories backed by jazz improvisers.


Voices of the Homeless is an original performance piece made possible by a grant from the Ventura County Arts Council called Artist in the Community Partnership Grant. It asks artists to use their medium to partner with a non-arts group to help solve community problems.

It will showcase members of the homeless community telling their own stories while backed musically by jazz improvisers.

The hope of this performance concept is to educate the community to what homelessness really is and not merely what it looks like, to raise the level of self worth of those suffering from homelessness, and to expose the community to a new experience of musical improvisation.

Toni Jannotta, concept designer and producer, is a jazz vocalist, vocal instructor, and 13-year Ventura resident. Originally from Los Angeles, TONI has released three vocal jazz CD's, has taught and performed internationally, and plays regularly at local Ventura nightspots.

Thank you for considering attending this musical / storytelling event.

We believe you will find this performance uplifting and it will help dispel the myth that all who are homeless are the same.

For more information and to watch her YouTube interview click here


WAV Community Room - Friday June 24th - 7pm and 9pm

Photograph of WAV Concert

The Creative Expression Of Music, Art and Gourmet Dinner

With guest director, Manuel Rodriguez and his ensemble of gifted musicians in a sea of wonderful stringed instruments. Featuring solo arrangements by many young guitar masters including Brad Pupa and Josh Lantiegne.

Experience the classic Sword Dance with real eastern world swords presented by Josh Rodriguez and Scott Logan, the martial masters. The Godfather of classical guitar, Carlos Gonzales, will make a special guest appearance. See some newly designed jewel art by L. Renee Fenton, the most amazing handmade artisian jewelry designer, VIP Awards: Outstanding People. Dinner and Beverages available for audiences at both shows. (Saint Pierre appears courtesy of Green Light Records).

This production is a world fusion of classical arrangements. A powerful, original, and inspirational show. Ten young classical guitarists create amazing show segments offering a variety of great performances. Their show has been enjoyed by many audiences. And now experience it all on Friday June 24th at The WAV.