BALM - Rima Muna
March 30 through April 30, 2017

BALM, a painting by Rima Muna

Solo show featuring over 20 new pieces

Artist reception March 30, 2017 6 to 8 PM

"Balm means healing and soothing. Let your spirits be soothed and healed by art." – Rima Muna

ArtWalk at the WAV - October 1st and 2nd

poster of Tiger Huan for Artwalk Oct 1 and 2

            Performing October 30th, 6 pm
             for the Mossy Foot Project

Her influences are varied and music genres are everything from gospel to blues to jazz to rock.

If the musical piece is primo, the genre doesn't matter. Good music is good music and for music to be good, it's gotta be soul sourced.


September 4th and 5th, 6:00 to 9:00 pm
WAV Community Room

poster of California Youth Connection fundraiser


May 1 through 26, 2015
Openings: May 1st, 6 - 9 pm & May 2nd, 5 -8 pm
WAV Community Room

Featuring the art of Vonder Gray, Kari Hunt, Jeanne LaRocco, Jillian Nye, Lynn Le Tourneau, Larissa Strauss and Jacklyn Wells

Also, 4 evenings of theater at the WAV, featuring The Vendor, a play by Frances Spencer, starring Vonder Gray and directed by Leslie Paxton

May 8, 8 pm
May 9, 7 pm
May 15, 8 pm
May 17, 7 pm

For more information contact Vonder Gray, 805.798.2479

Recent Exhibits


October 3, 2014 - 6 to 9 PM
WAV Community Room

In the 1950s, when you wore a sweater, most likely your mother, aunt or grandmother knitted it for you. They were expert in the skill of knitting, but it was wasn't considered an art form back then.

Shirley Meyer, a WAV resident living at SHORE, has taken knitting to the master level. She has won awards for her intricate pieces done in what is called the cable stitch. The execution of this particular technique doesn't allow for distracting chats and socializing, as when one is creating with the simple knit one - purl one technique. One must concentrate totally on the stitch count, as there is no allowance for mistakes if the desired effect is to be achieved.

Meyer won Best of Show at the Ventura County Fair in 2012. Her award winning piece will be on display at the WAV Community Room for First Friday, October 3rd, from 6 to 9 PM. Come chat with Shirley and ask her about her art. She is allowing herself to be distracted by conversation to welcome guests who will be significantly impressed by her children’s wardrobe and throws.

LAXWAX Art: Contemporary Encaustic

Encaustic Exhibit - July 2-16
WAV Community Room - 175 S. Ventura Ave.

This all encaustic exhibit will feature demonstrations of encaustic painting on July 5th and July 6th.
Come and see how this ancient medium is used in the modern art world.

July 4th - Ventura's First Friday Art Crawl

July 4th - Gallery hours 11-9pm

July 5th - Gallery hours 11-6:00pm
Demonstration 1-3pm

July 6th - Gallery hours 11-6:00pm
Demonstration ongoing 11-3pm

July 11th - Gallery hours 11-6pm

July 12th - Opening reception 5:30-8pm
Gallery hours 11-8pm

July 13th - Gallery hours 11-6pm


A year-long exhibit in 12 venues across Ventura County
Put on by CAREGIVERS: Volunteers Assisting the Elderly


June 6 to 21, 2014 - Reception, First Friday June 6, 6:00 to 9:00 PM
WAV Community Room - 175 S. Ventura Ave.

During the turn of the 19th century, watercolor painting flourished in California. Amateur artists tried their hand at the arts and many became proficient and known for their accomplishments - among the notable is Junie Harp. Although Orpha Woods Foster was one of many early artists living in Ventura County, it is only now, with Better Late Than Never, that her intimate watercolor landscapes will be shown to the public. Foster’s work might never have been significant, if she were not connected by marriage to one of Ventura County’s most outstanding philanthropists, Eugene Preston Foster, better known as E.P. Foster. His love for the outdoors encouraged his wife to enjoy painting local landscapes. The Fosters, together, purchased land countywide and gifted it to create county parks for all citizens to freely enjoy.

Two Woods - Four Seniors

Orpha Woods Foster is featured in Better Late Than Never, because it is such a late date for her obscure, historical paintings to see the light of day. She would certainly be considered a senior if she was alive today for her début – she would be 164 years old. Sarah Kalvin curates this dynamic and long overdue showing of Foster’s contribution to the arts in Ventura County. Kalvin’s watercolors in the exhibit are privileged companions to Foster’s soft and intimate landscapes.

Beatrice Wood was more prolific, and better known in her later years, than in the time of her developing career in the arts. Her start in the art world was with her association those who created the Dada Movement. She was known as the Mama of Dada.

Photo biographer, Jill Sattler, so eloquently captures Wood’s greatest moods and moments, at Wood’s request, shortly before her death in 1998 at the age of 105. Sattler is also known for her dynamic abstract works - a sampling of those in the exhibit reveals her versatility.

Free parking in gravel lot at the corner of Ventura Ave. and Thompson Blvd., Junipero St. and at the Museum of Ventura County parking lot on Santa Clara, one block east of Ventura Ave.

For more information contact:

Standing in Boots

Recent Work by Erik ReeL and Nash Rightmer

WAV Community Room - May 2 to May 30, 2014
Reception Saturday, May 3 - 7:00 to 9:00 pm

Abstract Painting by Erik ReeL

... we stand in boots, ready to give water to the first in need. Ready and waiting, patient and loud. - Nash Rightmer [from a ReeL/Rightmer exquisite corpse, 2014]

The WAV is proud to present two artists who have been instrumental in the recent West Side and Ventura Avenue arts revival, Erik ReeL and Nash Rightmer. ReeL will be exhibiting recent paintings and Nash Rightmer will be introducing his paintings and more intimate photo-based word pieces in one of the conceptually most important exhibitions on the Central Coast this year.

Both arists play off multiple art-historical precedents and linguistic references within a multi-layered post-conceptual examination of human mark-making and visual practice. Of particular interest in this show is the juxtaposition of two artists from two entirely different generations working off similar visual and philosophical impulses independently of each other.

There will be a substantial amount of work only available at the opening, due to space and scheduling considerations, so be sure and attend the opening to be able to see the entire show.

Admission is Free

For interviews and exhibition information contact: | 805.682.3998 | 323.252.3300 or

What's happening on the 25th?

WAV Community Room -Saturday, May 25, 2013
Reception Saturday, May 25th - 6:00 pm

Well, Katrina Maksimuk is having her first solo show in 4 years. Save the date!

Recent Exhibits

Celebrate Earth Month!

WAV Community Room - April 5th thru April 30th 2013
Opening Reception Friday, April 5th - 6 to 9 pm


WAV Community Room - Friday, March 15 thru March 23, 2013
Opening Reception March 15 - 6 to 9 pm

Well friends, He’s at it again. In a desperate attempt to garner attention and recruit groupies, our erstwhile painter, Michael Tine’ is dragging more filth from his studio and nailing it to the walls of Ventura’s WAV gallery.

The exhibition will feature recent paintings by Mr. Tine’, completed since his last pitiful offering. Their theme is by now tired and typical - Outdated Existential Angst and private sexual perversions which should draw a crowd, but probably won’t.

The canvases range in size from large to ridicules, an obvious shout to say, ‘Hey! Look at me, everybody!‘ The paintings are, as always, characterized by rancid colors, sloppy brushwork and poor draftsmanship.

In an attempt to fi ll up wall space and hog the whole gallery for himself, Mr Tine’ has even dragged out some dusty crap done years ago in LA while he was scrounging for hookers in downtown alleys.(Street artists take note-even the alley mutts disdained to pee on them).

And so, Mr. Tine’ is attempting to convince us that he is an artist to be taken seriously-a laugh in itself.

You might as well come. The show will be good for a laugh.
Besides, what else is there to do in Ventura on a Friday night?

(Immature) Adult Content


Art by Jillian Nye

WAV Community Room
November 10, 2012

Opening Reception 7 pm to 11:00 pm

Exhibit features Plastic Island, a recycled art installation
by guest artist Angelique Ngo.

Live Music
Gourmet Food Truck

ArtWalk at the WAV

Saturday July 21st

The WAV, is on board with this year’s Westside ArtWalk with art inspired by the California Coast. The WAV’s backyard is Seaside Park, the get-away for over 80 artists who live, work and collaborate to bring diverse arts to the Ventura community and beyond. We are painters, photographers, musicians, dancers, sculptors, writers, assemblage and mosaic artists, ceramists and more.

Living at the WAV is established graphic designer Erik Abel, who specializes in surf, skate, and snowboard design. Erik’s iconic works have graced the issues of numerous board-sport magazines. One of his recent creations appears on the cover of internationally popular Concrete Wave magazine’s summer issue (see our blog). Erik’s art will be displayed with the works of several artists at the WAV Community Room, open for viewing on ArtWalk weekend. Also appearing in the WAV Community Room will be the Shellie the Shopping Cart installation; a children’s book addressing environmental issues.

We will have a reception beach hut, built by WAV artists CarolAnn and Ed Swangler. The hut is made from the invasive Arundo reed growing out of control at the Ventura River Estuary; also a river stone’s throw from the WAV.

Artists will have open studios, and there will be interactive painting projects and live music at various locations on the WAV property Saturday July 21st.

Sentimental Nothingness

Abstract Painting by Sean Tully

sean tully's last ventura exhibition
a collection of mixed media
works from 2004 - 2012
opening reception
friday, july 6th
at WAV

abstract painting by Sean Tully

365 Portraits

WAV Community Room
New Years Eve Reception 9:00 to 12:00 pm December 31, 2011

Jeffrey J. Lawhead is a local musician and artist. Lawhead ran the music program at Elmhurst Elementary School in Ventura during the 2010-2011 school year. He is currently teaching elementary school in Oxnard, and residing on a ranch located between Ventura and Santa Paula.

He began a project called DrawSomebody on January 1, 2011. His goal was to draw 1 person each day for the entire year. His project will be complete on December 31.

The Skin Deep Sessions Exhibit

WAV Community Room
Evening of January 28, 2012

A photographic slide presentation of nude models
Admission - 18 years and up

Paint Ventura - Open Studios - September 11th - 1:00 to 5:00 pm

The WAV, Working Artists Ventura, is Ventura's new arts community that enhances the local art scene by its sustainable housing and workplace for over 80 artists using a multitude of disciplines. There are painters, sculptors, photographers, musicians, singers, actors, dancers, wood workers, jewelry designers, graphic designers, writers, film makers, assemblage artists and clothing designers; all living and collaborating in the same apartment complex.

WAV studio lofts will be open on September 11th from 1:00 to 5:00 PM to invite visitors to meet the artists and to enjoy viewing visual arts in private studios. From 5:00 to 7:00 PM there will be a lineup of easy listening music at the WAV Community Room located in the central plaza. There will be a lineup of rock bands at the same location from 7:00 to 10:00 PM. The day promises to immerse visitors in the arts of all types and styles.

Come to the central plaza upon arrival to view an enlarged map that will indicate the studios that will be open, and pick up a free individual studio guide to help direct you on the self-guided studio trail. Periodic guided tour times will be posted on the enlarged map, or call 805.653.1174 to arrange a guided tour at your convenience. Open doors mean open studios, and refreshments will be served in the private studios of most artists. Come and be surrounded by arts and artists from around the world, all in one place; the amazing WAV.

Pick up a free Passport to the WAV raffle card in the plaza to participate in a raffle to win art created by WAV artists. Get 10 artists’ signatures on the card and you are eligible to win.

To honor the 10th anniversary of 9/11, WAV will have a Memorial Wall in the Theater/Gallery. We will have some supplies to use to express your feelings or write messages to put on or around the wall.

Visit the WAV official website See photos of the artists on the WAV Artists Page. Download and print a studio guide from the Events Page. The Contact Page shows maps of the WAV location, floor plan of Studios, and the Community Room and Plaza.

Free parking is available in the dirt lot on the corner of Ventura Ave. and Thompson Blvd. Please cross at the light signal. Safe guest drop off at the entrance in the alleyway between Thompson and Santa Clara, just off Ventura Ave.. Handicap access and elevators by alley entrance. WAV is a Leed Certified building with a regulation that requires no smoking within 25 feet of the property.

Photo by Sarah Willey, Paintings by Vonder Gray


photograph of Artist Geoff Pocock

Geoff Pocock
August 13th to the 16th, 2011
WAV Community Room

Artists' Reception
August 13, 6:00 to 9:00 pm

Expressionist visual artist, poet, and author, Geoff Pocock will be exhibiting at the WAV Community Room from Aug. 13 to 16. The artist's reception will be held from 6-9 pm on Saturday, Aug.13th, 2011 where he will be available for discussion of his work.

abstract painting by Geoff Pocock

On Sunday, Aug 14th, 4-6 pm Geoff Pocock will recite selections from his award-winning written prose and poetry; tell the complete storylines of two of his plays 'Section 60' and 'One Bar Broken' (including brief excerpts); and relate anecdotes relating to two of his 'epic' pieces '24 Squared' (created in Monument Valley) and his Great Wheels that were to be rolled the length of India. He has an 'off the cuff', engaging way of speech. In his youth he was a member of the Reserve Royal Shakespeare Company and he has acted on London and New York stages. At 7pm, there will be live entertainment by various talented musicians and dancing.

photograph of Artist Geoff Pocock

The artist has put together a new series of bold, vibrant paintings featuring the interplay of monochrome colors and form. Pieces from previous series will be on display and available in his studio, WAV suite 104, which will also be open on the Saturday evening of the reception. There will be small, original, framed pieces available, as well as larger works. T-shirts depicting five of his mythical birds (black on white and white on black) will also be available to order.

Geoff Pocock, a graduate of the New York School of Visual Arts, creates abstract pieces that have been referred to as lively and unpretentious. His works are often tessellated (interlocking) designs and he always strives for an intriguing juxtaposition of color and form.

His work has been displayed in Goa, (India), Madrid, London, Dusseldorf, Bergerac (France) and here in the U.S.A. in New York, Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara and New Orleans. He has created large environmental pieces, envisaged several epic conceptual works and had several stories broadcast on a Bavarian radio station.

35 W. Thompson Blvd. #104 (504) 400-0709


Nancy DeLucrezia and Deborah Hazen

March 25 to April 9, 2011
WAV Community Room

Artists' Reception
March 25, 5:00 to 8:00 pm

An exhibit of watercolors by
WAV artist Nancy DeLucrezia.

An installation of book art by assemblage artist Deborah Hazen.

The visual arts exhibit displays the creative talents of Kali Institute of Massage and Somatic Therapies owner Nancy DeLucrezia and WÃV Property Manager Deborah Hazen.

A psychological study in imagery brings the viewer to levels of deeper understanding with the watercolor visuals
of DeLucrezia’s five Major Arcana Tarot and Hazen’s intellectual explorations of self-discovery in her assemblage
books of life.

photo of Gilberto Gonzalez playing the guitar

Gilberto Gonzalez will play Latin music for the evening which will include Brazilian, Cuban and Flamenco styles.

VISUAL ARTS EXHIBIT - 100 Works of Art at $100 and Less

WAV Community Room - February 21 to March 15

photo montage of works by different artists

WAV Visual Artists will be exhibiting their original art, giclee prints, posters, greeting cards and more

Artists' Reception
First Friday
March 4th
6:00 to 9:00 pm

SPIRITS OF WINTER - Marcelino Jimenez, Frances Spencer and Mark Mollgaard

WAV Community Room - January 10 - 31, 2011

Spirits of Winter

Artists' Reception ♦ January 15, 5-7 pm

Exhibit Hours:
Saturday and Sunday: 11-4 pm

Weekdays: by appointment
Please contact (805) 628-3377


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